Hate crime on the grounds of homophobia – LUSH store

Hate crime on the grounds of homophobia – LUSH store

At night on May 11, some unidentified people damaged the building of LUSH store (Baseina str, 15), which participates in the LGBT-friendly Kyiv City Map and has a sticker We are friendly. The damage is the sign on the wall in big black letters ‘Ukraine is against perversions! Get out of here!’

We are outraged with this homophobic hate crime. We believe such crimes are particularly dangerous as  tend to increase, as the offenders consider their actions to be morally justified. The crimes that are nor prosecuted grow. If Ukrainian law-enforcement system is not able to efficiently investigate and punish the hate crimes, these and other potential offenders will believe they have a right to continue their actions and look for new and more violent methods  of threatening LGBT-community.

We point out that hate crimes that are unpunished tend to grow and this sends a powerful message to the society. These are individual people or their property that suffers from such crimes, but the signal of hate is sent to the entire LGBT-community.

We demand impartial investigation of the crime and making the perpetrators liable for their actions.

It is also crucially important, that owners of the store will keep their principles and will not drop off the LGBT-friendly Kyiv City Map.

We call to everyone who respects human rights and consider them to be an integral part of our democracy to express their solidarity and support to store that suffered because of being LGBT-fiendly.

This is what you can do:

  1. Write a post and tag Lush Ukraine
  1. Come to a Lush store (Baseina str 15) and buy any product, expressing your support orally or leaving a support card for the company

Let us demonstrate altogether that we are not afraid of threats and violence!