On behalf of KyivPride 2017 organizing committee, we are happy to invite you to the KyivPride March 2017.

The March will take place on Sunday, June 18. The participants will get together from 9 AM to 10 AM.

Meeting point: the square before Teacher House (57 Volodymyrska street).


We ask the participants to arrive as early as possible to avoid lines and provocations at the entrance. After 10:00, you will not be able to get to the territory, so, please, do not be late!

The organizing committee will publish a detailed map for the March participants with the route and entrance points before Saturday, June 17.

Registration for the March is not required, but you can leave your contact information to receive safety instructions and a map from the organizing committee:

We insist that everyone participating in the March needs to be aware of the related risks.

Make sure to study the safety guidelines that can be found here:


The main means of transportation to the March and back is the metro. You can also use surface transport or a car. Metro: use the stations Universytet, Zoloti vorota, Teatralna as well as Olimpiyska (if the latter is the only available option for you). You can use surface transport to reach the aforementioned metro stations and walk from there.

1. The entrance starts at 9 AM and ends at 10 AM, it is important to arrive in time.

2. There will be increased police presence at the aforementioned stations and near the entrance points. We also recommend not to wear bright clothes and not to hold posters / banners / symbols until you are at the event territory.

3. The process will include going through metal detectors and random checks of bags and ID documents. Please, take your ID documents with you and do not bring weapons, glass, sharp, piercing, cutting, explosive and other prohibited objects. Police employees are familiar with the situation with the documents of T*community, as are the safety volunteers who will help to figure out these situations.


After the end of the March, the main retreat transportation will be the metro: the station will be closed down, working only for the March participants. At the station, as well as along the entire metro route, increased police presence will be provided. You will be accompanied by safety volunteers whom you can ask for additional information and who will help in unforeseen circumstances.

ATTENTION: on Friday, additional information will be published, there may be changes - follow our pages on the Internet and on social networks.

Despite the rigid rules and guidelines, we are convinced that safety and order will be provided at the highest level and the March will be safe and peaceful.

See you on Sunday!

Best regards

Organizing committee