Our Team


Anna Sharyhina


Program Director KyivPride2017

What do I do at KyivPride: I’m responsible for the content of KyivPride. I do everything I can so that Pride would be an interesting, developing and useful even for Ukraine

Why I do this: Once I seriously thought that LGBT+ people should resolve their problems by themselves, or better - to keep it in theirs beds. Now I understand that at that time I was homophobic. This is the reason why four year in a row I’m taking part in organization of KyivPride, because I want more respect and pride for LGBT+ community. I consider it as a major national event with a big potential for the society.

Bogdan Altynnik


Member of committee KyivPride2017, Program coordinator of PrideCinema

What do I do at KyivPride: I’m the co-redactor of a Map of LGBT+ friendly places in Kyiv. Coordinating the cooperation of KyivPride2017 with HIV service organizations and the program of PrideCinema, LGBT+ and queer films, that will open the Pride Week

Why I do this: KyivPride is raising discussion on the national level around the human rights and non discrimination of LGBT+ community in Ukraine. Thanks to this, KyivPride and Equality March helps the whole community to become more open. For me participation in KyivPride2017 is a chance to take part in development of the country, where human rights are respected and where everybody is acting according to principles of mutual respect and acceptance

Ruslana Panukhnyk


The Executive Officer KyivPride, the member of KyivPride’s commettee

What do I do at KyivPride: My main responsibilities are general coordination, external communications and foundrising. I’m responsible for the KyivPrideMarch and the safety at other KyivPride events

Why I do this: For me KyivPride is an integral part of my life and the powerful instrument of changes. That is why I’m here - ready for the hard work and to change Ukraine for the better

Stas Mishchenko


KyivPride’s commettee member

What do I do at KyivPride: I am in charge of strategics and communication with foreign partners, including Munich LGBT community

Why I do this: For me KyivPride is an opportunity to give a strong voice to our almost non visible ukrainian LGBT community

Zoryan Kis


Member of commettee, safty advisor at Equality March (from 2013 till now)

What I do at KyivPride: I’m in charge of safety at March, communication with officials and with international representatives, fundraising and crowdfunding

Why I do this: Because, who else? LGBT+ people in Ukraine are by themselves. Rights are not given, they are taken. My work on KyivPride project since 2013 is my contribution into the progress of my country and my community. Regardless the expense of it: every year few months before Pride I lose few kilos, get lots of stress and give my personal time (not mentioning money). Nonetheless, I receive a lot more - the result of which I can be proud of