In 2017 KyivPride will take place from 9th till 18th of June. The main topic of this year event is inclusivity, human rights and solidarity. The slogan of this year's event is "Country for all". Among pride-week events will be organized different activities: discussions, trainings, workshops, exhibitions, film screenings etc. Among the guest and participants are expected to be community representatives, allies, stakeholders from Kyiv and other cities in Ukraine and abroad. The March of Equality 2017 will be closing the pride-week.

KyivPride was founded in 2012 by Ukrainian LGBTI-activists. During the period, when human rights in Ukraine, LGBTI in particular, were being violated constantly and on the regular basis, hysteria was rising, provocated by homophobic and religious groups and organizations. At that time, while Viktor Yanukovich was the head of the state, his government has introduced the bill in Parliament on so called prohibition of “homosexual propaganda” - the law that was inspired by the Russian example - so-called anti-gay law - a bill that was unanimously approved by russian State Duma in 2013. Following these events most active part of Ukrainian LGBTI community couldn’t state silent any longer…

The news about the plans of holding Pride in Kyiv has stirred up the Ukrainian society and mass media. Protests against LGBT event have occurred nearly in every big city in Ukraine, which were organized by far-right and religious forces. On the Internet, in right wing radical facebook groups appeared numerous instigations to use violence against those persons who were about to acclaim their rights. This is how KyivPride became the hot topic, that everybody everywhere was talking about.

So, at the end of May 2012 the first ever Ukrainian KyivPride week took place. The private events had been a success. But the first March of Equality was not long and not numerous in attendants. Although the pride was disrupted by attacks from religious contre actions and far right extremists attacks that counted over 1,500 hooligans, the support that KyivPride has received was also very overwhelming. KyivPride was joined by embassies of democratic countries and separately by few diplomats, by liberal journalists and leaders, guests from all over the Ukraine, post Soviet countries and West Europe have arrived to join. It has gathered around a big number of intelligent and energetic community leaders, that at the end have joined our movement.

In 2013 as a part of KyivPride2013 the March of Equality has been successfully held in the capital of Ukraine with the participation of distinguished guests. Amnesty International in Ukraine has officially joined the organization of KyivPride2013, as well as several other human rights organizations. It was 100 meters (yes, we still measure our success in meters) of victory.

Since then things have evolved. During this five years, from 2012 till 2017  KyivPride has been organized on the regular basis. Now it has a short, but also very rich history. It is the major LGBTI event in Ukraine, that has been joined by delegation for Munich, Montreal and deputies from European Parliament, the Bundestag, activists from the CIS, and others. Also it is already the history of far right violence in Ukraine, as none of the crimes, that were committed toward organizators and participants of KyivPride has not been definitively investigated.