Security of a person - development of the country!

Security is human right and an obligation of the state

The human being, his or her life and health, honor
and dignity, inviolability and security are recognized in Ukraine as the highest social value…
To affirm and ensure human rights and freedoms is the main duty of the State.
Constitution of Ukraine, Article 3

On 6-13 June, 2016 Kyiv will host the Fifth International LGBT Forum KyivPride-2016 featuring educational events, documentary film screenings and discussions. 

On 12 June, 2016 supporters will participate in the traditional “March of Equality”a peaceful gathering to support the notions of individual and social safety, human rights and antidiscrimination.

At present, there is an armed conflict in Ukraine. At this time the heroisation of violence, political manipulation and the reliance on radical rhetoric “allow”the government to neglect its responsibilities to guarantee safety in society. This creates an atmosphere of fear. There is a growing likelihood of getting hurt not only by the enemy but also by “internal”groups that use aggression to disregard human rights and democratic processes.

In the last year, we have borne witness to situations when human rights at peaceful gatherings and freedom of speech were trampled by radical groups with silent approval by the government and law enforcement. The victims of radical violence were supporters of anti-fascist and ecological movements, pensioners and LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender) persons, temporarily displaced persons and Crimean Tatars as well as innocent bystanders.

To those who choose violence as a method to express their views, it does not matter who you are. They see a threat in you and take advantage of their impunity.

The safety and the guarantee of rights of every person in society is a necessary step in the development for the state, society and the individual. 

This is why the Fifth International LGBT Forum KyivPride2016 has chosen as its slogan “Security of a person - development of the country!”.

The absence of effective legislation regarding hate crimes, hate speech, neglect of these issues on the part of law enforcement and government agencies, as well as complicated bureaucratic procedures for the application of anti-discrimination legislation make it nearly impossible to guarantee the safety and security of minorities, including LGBT people.

We address these topics within the framework of KyivPride to bring to light the dangers of everyday life in our country. We seek to find opportunities for people to have less fear and more freedom and inspiration to express their true selves.

 We invite you to join KyivPride!