Performance by Misha Badasyan

Art as an act of empowerment and as an approach to cope with your trauma / grief / lost. This video I dedicate to those people who had to flee they country / city / town / street / home and lost everything. I use the TREE as a symbol of being rooted / having roots and in the case of refugees being unrooted / losing everything. I wrote a poem for this video clip in Russian and translated into English. 

I have a tree inside of me 
As I woke up 
I felt the roots 
In my stomach 
When I eat 
The roots raise up then 
I must drink a lot  
In order the tree can grow 
Please, water my lips 
My fingers, my hands, and my legs 
Let the tree bloom 
It wants go out 
It is in pain 
I need a lot of space 
Please, take everything from me away 
But leave the tree for me 
Soon it will be grown and big 
When I open my mouth 
Then the tree will get its first light 
It won´t be afraid anymore 
It is difficult to hold it 
Brunch after brunch 
It will reveal its beauty 
And raise to the sky 
I will get apart in the small pieces 
And will lose my strength 
I won´t exist anymore 
My tree will be lonely  
But with a gained freedom