The issue of unresolved contradictions between religion, faith and the issue of rights and freedoms for LTBT+ remains acute. Religious lesbians, gays, bisexual people, trans people, intersex people end up in the situation of a double stigma. They are not welcome in the LGBT+ community as carriers of "homophobic" and "toxic" ideas - on the other hand, they are considered sinners in the environment of religious fundamentalists.

Is it possible to maintain faith while realizing one's "non-normative" sexual orientation or gender identity? How do believers who identify as LGBT+ live worldwide?

The discussion will give floor to representatives of LGBT+ who practice various religious denominations (Christianity, Islam, Judaism). We will have a chance to talk about the problems and opportunities of combining faith, religion and the LGBT+ community.

Moderated by Marina Gerz - an independent LGBT activist with religious experience, researcher and thinker.