Who We Are

KyivPride is a Ukrainian non-governmental organization that aims at contributing to full respect for human rights for LGBT+ in Ukraine, at encouraging an appreciation for these rights by raising LGBT+ visibility and their participation in social processes. In addition to its activities throughout the year, NGO “KyivPride” organizes an annual event called the KyivPride-week.

Our team

Director of KyivPride

Ruslana Panuhnik

CEO of NGO KyivPride, member of the KyivPride-2019 Organizing Committee
"My core responsibilities are overall coordination, external communication, and fundraising. I'm responsible for the Equality March and for the safety of other KyivPride events."

Zheny Bilotskiy

Projects Assistant

Zheny Bilotskiy

"I'm responsible for any work that needs assistance like report-writing and holding of various events.
I do it because I want LGBTIQ+ people to live freely in Ukraine."

Anna Sharigina

Member of KyivPride NGO

Anna Sharigina

The program director of NGO KyivPride
"I'm responsible for content issues of the Pride Week and I do whatever possible to make Pride an interesting, stimulating and useful event for Ukraine."