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We are a Ukrainian NGO, a public organization the purpose of which is to promote the achievement of full observance of human rights for LGBT+ people in Ukraine. KyivPride unites gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex people.

What are we doing?

In addition to its activities throughout the year, NGO "KyivPride" organizes an event called Pride Month every year.

This is a series of cultural and educational events, the purpose of which is to talk about the life and problems of the LGBT+ community in Ukraine. Discussions, training, workshops, exhibitions, and film screenings take place during the weeks.

Also, one of the main activities is the Equality March - a traditional human rights march.

OUr team

Lenny Emson


Maxim Потапович



проектний асистент, комунікаційний менеджер

Olga Оніпко

координаторка шелтеру

Eugene Трачук

координатор проєкту

Inna Царкова

координаторка проeкту

Strategic areas of work:

Increasing the visibility of the LGBT+ community in the society
Holding information campaigns, round tables, conferences, and other events for the community and allies
Fighting homophobia and transphobia in Ukrainian society
Humanitarian aid for the LGBT+ community during the war: managing a shelter in Kyiv, providing resocialization training, free psychological and legal assistance, distributing direct financial support, food, and supplies.


About us
KyivPride is a Ukrainian non-governmental organization that aims at contributing to full respect for human rights for LGBT+ in Ukraine, at encouraging an appreciation for these rights by raising LGBT+ visibility and their participation in social processes.
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