Manifesto of the Equality March – 2021

Country for everyone. Laws for life. State for security

By organizing the Equality March in the capital in the significant year of the 30th anniversary of our Independence, all of us, citizens representing the voice of Ukrainian communities at KyivPride2021 events, stand in solidarity around the following demands addressed to our elected leadership:

  1. Adopt № 5488 bill during the autumn session of parliament, which provides changes to national legislation to combat discrimination and regulates liability for crimes motivated by homophobia, transphobia and other forms of intolerance.
  2. Give a new push to the reform of the law enforcement system, police in particular, the prosecutor’s office and the judiciary, to ensure the ability to investigate hate crimes, identify perpetrators, impose unavoidable punishment in court, and prevent such crimes.
  3. Find a balanced legislative solution in order to bar the hate speech and prevent calls for discrimination and violence against both LGBTI + and other opressed social groups in public.
  4. To intensify the efforts of all authorities on the way to full official recognition of civil partnerships between people of the same documentary sex in the near future in Ukraine – partnerships that exist in our lives, but which are not in our laws.
  5. Raise the direction of family policy to the highest level in the Ukrainian state, considering the establishment of a central executive body, which will take care of three related areas – family, demographic and migration policy.
  6. Explicitly recognize the factors of SOGI (sexual orientation and gender identity) as possible grounds for domestic violence – to combat this shameful behavior in Ukrainian families, to protect children, adolescents and adults from toxicity in family relationships.
  7. To take into account in the field of normative regulation and at the level of practical application that in Ukrainian educational institutions the factors of SOGI (sexual orientation and gender identity) are real grounds for bullying, and to make appropriate changes to the legislation on education and the established procedure for responding to cases of bullying to bring them out of the shadows and put an end to them.
  8. Raise the health care system’s attention to the epidemic well-being of the LGBTI + communities, mental, sexual and reproductive health, and expand stable state and municipal funding for quality public health services for all key populations.

We call on parliamentary and non-parliamentary political parties, various socio-political forces, leaders of public opinion to support the demands of KyivPride2021, actively promote each of the items of the Manifesto and work together with LGBTI+ communities during the next 2022 for we could state the progress of Ukraine on the way to full civil equality of all our fellow citizens.