Statement of the KyivPride Organizing Committee Regarding the Attacks on Visitors of the PrideHouse on June 19

Statement of the KyivPride Organizing Committee Regarding the Attacks on Visitors of the PrideHouse on June 19


On the evening of June 19, the visitors of the PrideHouse were attached by a group of unknown persons. Attacks occurred near the IZONE creative space. There are currently four documented cases.

According to those injured, the attackers were waiting for the participants outside the PrideHouse, followed them to the metro stations, tried to knock them down, kicked them, sprayed pepper gas and insulted them verbally. The victims have reported to the police.

In order to ensure the law and order, KyivPride interacts with the police. The security at the PrideHouse is ensured by the organizers, volunteers, and security guards. In turn, the police are taking additional measures on the way to the nearest metro station (Taras Shevchenko). The KyivPride Organizing Committee is asking the visitors of the PrideHouse to be careful and follow the safety instructions (Appendix 1).

KyivPride condemns violence on the streets of Kyiv and notes that the attackers are a marginalized group opposed by the absolute majority of society.

KyivPride urges:

The National Police of Ukraine to investigate the aggression against participants of a peaceful public event.

Kyiv’s Mayor Vitaliy Klychko and the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to provide a decisive response to the violence and express their position on ensuring the holding of Equality March, peaceful human rights walk, on June 23.

People of goodwill, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, to join the Equality March against violence and for the safety of all civilians on June 23.

Let us fight—and we shall win, because freedom is our tradition!

Appendix 1

Safety Instructions for Participants of the KyivPride2019

After the events, take the nearest public transport or, if possible, call a taxi. If you ride the underground, change few lines, directions, trains.

Unite in groups and call a taxi.

If you have any doubts or suspicions, return to the safety of the IZONE space.

Pay attention to who walks behind you; if you have noticed that someone follows you, do not run. Enter a public place: a café, bank, shop and ask someone to call the police or do it yourself (police – 102).

In the case of a non-standard situation, contact the KyivPride Organizing Committee.

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